White Papers

White papers are lengthy persuasive content meant to prove the viability of a product or service through research and statistics. Because of their depth of coverage, white papers tend to be used by many marketers as evergreen (epic, pillar, big rock) content. The idea is that you spend a lot of time producing a white paper because your customers, prospects, leads, and maybe even some distant competitors will use the information you bring to the table to inform their decisions or content.

Because you’ve already done all the deep research to write your white paper, you can repurpose that information into other types of content: blog posts, multimedia, and social posts.

White papers often cover industry-specific problems or the benefits of products or services. As persuasive pieces, they seek to inform. The magic of white papers is that they can also have a product or service-centered bias but do not include overt sales pitches that often turn readers off.

White papers are a big part of most major marketing strategies. This guide covers how to include white papers in your marketing strategies, guidelines for writing white papers, and information on publishing and reporting on the success of your writing.

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Published on May 21st, 2017 and last updated on July 7th, 2017