Presentations are far from the most popular type of content marketing, and yet 65% of marketers use online presentations as part of their overall content strategy. Presentations often fall behind other content tactics because they feel like a lot of work, and who really has time to put together a presentation, anyway?

As it turns out, many of the modern presentation platforms like Slideshare and Prezi make building an online presentation easy. As a bonus, using these tools can have big payoffs in increased readership and lead generation. Presentation platforms give marketers the added bonus of their built in communities with immediate audiences.

This section discusses what sorts of online presentations fit into a content marketing strategy, some general best practices, and an overview of platforms you can use to build and publicize your work. Best of all, we’ll discuss the metrics you should watch to measure the ROI of your presentations.

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Published on May 21st, 2017 and last updated on July 7th, 2017