Microsites are an engaging way to reach customers and extend your brand into new territory. Microsites exist as separate domains or subdomains of your main marketing site, and act as supplementary content. They tend to focus on a single topic or marketing idea and are often temporary, like when they’re used for a time-based promotion.

Microsites can provide keyword-focused content to help the larger site rank, but they can also be used for in-depth educational or promotional coverage of a product.

Contently classifies 2 types of microsites: one dedicated to a fixed campaign and the other that provide ongoing content. What is clear about microsites is that although they may have links to the main business marketing site, users are not automatically redirected there through the content, which makes them self-contained.

Some examples of microsites:

Microsites give you control over content in a small manageable package that’s easy to create and easy to change.

This guide will teach you:

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Published on May 21st, 2017 and last updated on July 7th, 2017